Queen of the Hop

Review by By Melissa A. Fetcho

Great classic songs. Great vocals, instrumentals, all around a great CD.


“One and Forever Love” Play List

Mr. Moon (Take it Away)
One and Forever Love
Love Came to Me
Black Magic Woman
Lonely Teenager
Love You So
My Pledge of Love
That’s When Your Heartache Begins
Queen of the Hop (Now Playing)

Story Behind the song “Queen of the Hop”

Any rock n’ roll music lover would easily get hooked on this bouncy Bobby Darin classic. Considered as one of Darin’s best, this little rock n’ roll gem is included on the album Twist with Bobby Darin which was released in 1961, and also reappeared on the album The Best of Bobby Darin Volume One in the year 1991.

Aside from being a popular singer during the late 50’s, Bobby was also a songwriter as well as an actor. His fame became almost omnipresent in pop entertainment during the whole span of his career. He was even considered as a master showman by many, right before his life ended at the very young age of 37 following a heart surgery that was just one out of many.

Born in the year 1936, Bobby Darin started out as a songwriter for the American pop singer Connie Francis and also a regular performer in New York city coffeehouses before becoming a record artist in the later part of the 50s.
During his time as an artist under the wing of Atlantic Records, Bobby wrote and arranged music for himself as well as for other artists. Most of the music he recorded during that time, such as the Harry Warren hit I Found A Million Dollar Baby, were sung in an Elvis Presley style. It was in the year 1958 that Bobby’s career catapulted into great heights due to the immense triumph of his novelty song Splish Splash, which eventually became an international hit. It garnered the 3rd spot in the US Top Ten and became a million-seller single. Queen of the Hop was his follow-up single and was also included in the Top Ten.

With Kenny Walker on stand-up bass for Nick Dukas’ own rendition of Queen of the Hop, it’s just proper to say to get ready for a fun dancing, good rock n’ roll beat that will surely make you voluntarily or involuntary move — may it be in the style of the bop or your own modern take!

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