My Pledge of Love

Review By Holly Maguire

Wonderful and inspring. Nick has an amazing warm voice and personality. Quality music for all walks of life to enjoy!


“One and Forever Love” Play List

Mr. Moon (Take it Away)
One and Forever Love
Love Came to Me
Black Magic Woman
Lonely Teenager
Love You So
My Pledge of Love (Now Playing)
That’s When Your Heartache Begins
Queen of the Hop

My Pledge of Love Song History

If you’re looking for a song that could give you a taste of the music of a particular generation, try hitting up that play button of My Pledge of Love by The Joe Jeffrey Group. This musical group may be classified as a one-hit wonder musical act, but the success of My Pledge of Love is just too astounding to be forgotten. The infectious tune of the song remains one of the classics of ‘60s pop-soul. Dubbed as an “effervescent, string-sweetened effort that’s closer to sunshine pop than soul,” My Pledge of Love grabbed the 14th spot in the Billboard Pop Charts Year 1969.

Not much is known about The Joe Jeffrey Group, and most especially its lead vocals and lead guitarist Joe Jeffrey. Born Joseph Stafford, Jr., it was presumed that he adopted his stage name Joe Jeffrey to avoid confusion with sultry pop vocalist Jo Stafford. He became a fixture of the Cleveland club circuit before becoming an official artist of Wand Records. Other members of the group include Al Russ (bass), Ron Browning (drums) and Charles Perry (percussion).

With the popularity of My Pledge of Love, The Joe Jeffrey Group’s career seemed promising but unfortunately its longevity wasn’t meant to be. Their follow-up single “The Train” never got remarkable reviews it so badly needs and so the group never recovered their momentum.

Nonetheless, the amazing groovy music encapsulated by My Pledge of Love still stands today and the years to come. With Nick Dukas’ own rendition, together with Matt Poytner (drums), Jason Dukas (guitar), Ralph Blantz (guitar) and Tanya Lewis (background vocals), this is the exact intoxicating music you may be looking for during a cocktail hour on a retro-mood night.

My Pledge of Love

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