Love Came to Me

Review By Michael Miller

Wow…just wow! These covers are much better than the originals!! The sound quality and vocals are amazing. I highly recommend these versions. Wonderful!


“One and Forever Love” Play List

Mr. Moon (Take it Away)
One and Forever Love
Love Came to Me (Now Playing)
Black Magic Woman
Lonely Teenager
Love You So
My Pledge of Love
That’s When Your Heartache Begins
Queen of the Hop

History of the Song “Love Came To Me”

There’s a particular kind of magic in Doo-wop music that’s rarely encountered nowadays, thus it is a music genre that one should discover or revisit every now and then.

Doo-wop is a genre of music that is built upon vocal group harmony, blues music, simple music and lyrics, the use of nonsensical syllables, a simple beat and sometimes little to no instrumentation. It was developed in African-American communities back in the 1940s and has achieved mainstream popularity in the years that follow, particularly in the 1950s to 1960s. Furthermore, the style especially became predominant in the streets of north-eastern and industrial Midwest cities like New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Newark, Detroit, Cincinnati, Washington, Los Angeles and Baltimore during those years.

When speaking about Doo-wop, one should also mention Dion Francis DiMucci (better known mononymously as Dion). Before going solo in the early 60s, he was the main vocalist of the group Dion and the Belmonts. He and his group (The Belmonts: Angelo D’Aleo, first tenor; Carlo Mastrangelo, bass-baritone; and Fred Milano, second tenor) were considered to be the most successful white doo-wop musical act. Many fans even believe that the group was the “suavest of New York City’s late-fifties white teen idols.”

Love Came To Me is one of the best songs that could showcase Dion’s way of easily getting through the hearts of listeners. He co-wrote it with John Falbo and recorded it with the American vocal group The Del-Satins. It garnered the 10th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as reached the 24th place on the R&B chart in the year 1962. The song also reappeared on Dion’s 1963 album, Love Came To Me.

Nick Dukas adds this little gem of a song in this album, and being one of his personal favorites, creates a cover that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of falling in love.

Nick Dukas Music Mr. Moon


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