Black Magic Woman

Review By Mason Klein

I really enjoyed these tracks immensely. Nick and the band really deliver a great CD with some classic songs. Anyone who knew these songs when they were on the radio should be very happy to own this collection. The quality of the recordings and mastering sound great as well.


“One and Forever Love” Play List

Mr. Moon (Take it Away)
One and Forever Love
Love Came to Me
Black Magic Woman (Now Playing)
Lonely Teenager
Love You So
My Pledge of Love
That’s When Your Heartache Begins
Queen of the Hop

Santana Black Magic Woman Story

It’s easy to see why musicians would do a cover of Carlos Santana’s Black Magic Woman. This track is a wickedly brilliant fusion of jazz, blues, rock n roll, and Latin polyrhythms sprinkled with organ, piano, timbales, conga and other percussion sounds. Any listener with a good ear can effortlessly recognize the genius of it.

Although originally written for the Fleetwood Mac album in 1968 and has become a fairly popular blues-rock hit at that time, it gained its major popularity through Santana’s arrangement. Recorded in 1970, two years after the original song emerged in the music scene, Santana’s own version is a medley which incorporated the influential Hungarian jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo’s Gypsy Queen, another musical gem that playfully accommodates a mix of Hungarian folk, jazz and Latin rhythms in it.

Santana’s version of the track has proved to be a very strong musical concoction which captivated a great number of fans worldwide; it became one of the band’s greatest hits and one of their band staples. The single alone reached no.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1971. Its reception was overwhelming that the band’s 2nd studio album Abraxas, of which the track is a part of, reached no.1 on the charts and earned quadruple platinum in the year 1986.

Santana Black Magic Woman
Now given another kind of twist, Nick Dukas, along with Jason Dukas and Ralph Blantz on guitar, with Bobby G. Summers on keyboard, piano and percussion and other talented artists have created a rendition that’s as easy to get charmed by as the Santana version. The track in itself is a magical world of jazzy bluesy polyrhythms one can immerse into with ease on a relaxing night.

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